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Eutokia Workshops

Eutokia workshops for AT teachers

These workshops on the application of the AT to pregnancy and childbirth are designed for AT teachers and third-year students who wish to expand their work in this exciting field. They are based on The Alexander Technique Birth Book, which I co-authored with Angela and Jonathan Drake (for details, click on ‘Publications’ in the Navigation bar). The course is practical and theoretical, covering a range of topics relevant to pregnancy and birth. Participants learn to apply their AT skills to the special needs of expecting mothers. They train to conduct small antenatal classes in which women and their partners are prepared for childbirth using AT principles. The course also provides an introduction to working as a doula. Support can be given to UK Participants who wish to connect with Doula UK to pursue an accredited course.

A workshop runs for five consecutive days, or on five Sundays over several months. It is designed for up to 12 AT teachers and third-year AT trainees.


The next workshop will be held from 16 to 22 April, 2018, and will be run by Natasha Broke.

A further workshop is planned for Summer 2018 in London and expression of interest for workshops elsewhere in the UK will be considered (e-mail Natasha, details below)


41 Thornhill Road, London, N1 1JS.

Fee: 500.00 includes lunch and tea (concessions available for students).

For further information and booking please phone 020 7609 3733 or 07899 061 758, or email info@natashabroke.com.

Syllabus of the workshop

Floating topic: enthusiasm for natural childbirth backed by use of AT principles.

Daily schedule will include the following

  Sharing AT work
  Talk on topic related to pregnancy and childbirth
  Practical work relating to pregnancy or childbirth
  Lying down

The practical work each day relates to the current topic of discussion and includes movements taught to pregnant women and their partners in Eutokia classes.

Recommended reading

I strongly recommend:

The following list is a small selection of good books that are relevant to our work:

My e-book, The Alexander Technique Birth Stories, can be downloaded.

Recommended preparation

Participants are advised to try to arrange to be present at a birth before coming to the workshop. This can be a very useful experience.

I also recommend attending (as a visitor) an antenatal class organized by a local hospital, clinic, childbirth educational organization — such as the National Childbirth Trust (NCT). This should not be too difficult.

Ilana Machover