Alexander Technique School, Queen’s Park

General information   This school for training AT teachers is approved and moderated by the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT). It is located in the Queen’s Park area, London, NW6 (see map). It is easily accessible by public transport, and car-parking facilities are excellent.

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The course is designed for a small group of students, so that each can receive a great deal of individual attention.

The school occupies an entire ground floor of a Victorian house: a large, airy, well-equipped teaching room facing Queen’s Park; cloakroom; bathroom; kitchen and conservatory. There is a good reference library. Our location enables us to make frequent use of the park for outdoor work and activities.

In line with STAT regulations, students are required to complete nine terms, each lasting 12 weeks, including one week mid-term break. Teaching runs from 09:00 to 13:00, Monday–Thursday.

Our daily communal light meal, as well as reading and discussion, take place in the conservatory or garden at the back of the house.

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The fees are £1,675 per term, payable at the beginning of the term. Fees are subject to annual review.

Curriculum   Course content follows STAT Guidelines. About 80 per cent of the teaching time is devoted to practical work. This is the principal route towards understanding, experiencing and internalizing the fundamental concepts of F M Alexander’s discoveries: primary control, inhibition, directions, conscious control, unity of mind and body, means whereby and non-doing; supersession of end-gaining; acknowledging the force of habit and our deficient proprioception.

The programme includes daily reading from classics of AT literature. Theoretical and practical work is devoted to anatomy and physiology, the nervous system, postural reflexes, vision and voice. Every effort is made to include relevant topics requested by students. Each student gets intensive individual attention and is gradually guided to develop hands-on work and other teaching skills.

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Post-graduate programme  offered, by individual arrangement, to qualified AT teachers. Options include: specialized work with musicians, dancers and actors; gaining confidence in AT work with pregnant women.

Guests   AT teachers are welcome to visit the school (by prior appointment) and participate in our work.


Regular visiting teachers   Glenna Batson; Alex Farkas; Shaike Hermelin; Christine Matheson.  Other guest teachers are invited to give special presentations.

Enrolment   New students may enrol at the beginning of any term. Prerequisites: Previous individual lessons. Interview with Head of Training. Visit to school advisable.

Qualification   Students are assessed continually. There is also independent assessment by an external moderator, appointed by STAT.

On graduation, students receive a Diploma from the School. They are eligible to become teaching members of STAT and are awarded a Certificate by the Society.

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Ilana Machover