The Alexander Technique

What is the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique (AT) is a method of optimizing use. This refers to the way we use ourselves in everyday activities, as well as in performance of special activities such as sports, music and acting. It helps to reduce stress and tension and economize effort. STAT logoIt is not a therapy: its practitioners do not regard themselves as ‘therapists’ treating ‘patients’ but as teachers who educate their students and instil good use. However, many aches and pains and other dysfunctions are due, at least in part, to bad use; so by improving use the AT is able to remove or attenuate the causes of these conditions and so contribute to well-being.

To find out more about the AT, go to the website of the Society of Teachers of the AT (STAT) by clicking on the STAT logo. An interesting article on the AT can also be read online in the Wikipedia (the Web’s Free Encyclopedia). Publications on the AT are available from Alexander Books. A comprehensive source of information on the AT can be found in The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique

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Ilana Machover